About Us

Ozdagistanli Ekici is a new generation law firm that combines the values of the traditional law firm, with the values and qualities that are required to stay on top in today’s challenging business environment.

We believe in change, innovation and disruption while we remain committed to the traditional values of our profession such as accountability and trust.

We want our clients to stay on top of the changing environment and dynamics of the legal landscape and be the creator of such change instead of reacting to those changes. And if a reaction to a change is required, we strive to make sure that such reaction is based on legal advice that is efficient, objective and applicable to business.

At Ozdagistanli Ekici, we have a sector specific approach to make sure that we understand the sector specific dynamics and legal landscape that our clients are facing. Thanks to this approach, we are able to provide comprehensive and commercial legal advice to help our clients lead the change or face the issues they are facing with confidence. While doing so, we also prepare our clients for future challenges and issues that they may face in their sector.

We have a large portfolio of multinational and local clients across different sectors and industries including Automotive, Consumer Goods, Food and Retail, Education, Energy and Natural Resources, Financial Services and Fintech, Information Communication Technologies, Insurance, Life Sciences and Health Care, Media, Sport, Gaming and Entertainment and Technology.

We are committed to provide the commercially sound legal advice and solutions on a timely and professional manner to continue to support our clients to be leaders in their sectors.